Ubiquitous Motion Data Acquisition

You love sports? You are a passionate athlete yourself? Your want to learn more about your performance? It's your chance now!

It has never been easier to measure yourself while executing sports or outdoor action events. All you need are some suitable ubiquitous measurement devices.

Interested? Learn more about wearable motion sensing and how to use them for sport capturing!

Intelligent Motion Data Processing

Are you interested in processing motion sensor data to obtain intuitive and meaningful information out of your motion sensors? Maybe you have already discovered that many different methods exist for this task.

But what do they all do? And which one should you use? Some methods might be better suited for certain sports than others, and some might be more complicated to implement.

You can learn about common processing methods here to use them flexibly in your own sensing applications. Following a good instruction, it's not as hard as you might think!

Automated Data Utilization

Collecting and computing motion data is one part of wearable sensor based motion analysis. Implementing systems that automatically provide the motion information you want to know about another one.

Building the most interesting training applications requires expert knowledge on how to transform the motion data to retrieve useful information.

What is your goal? What do you want to do with your application? Browse our sample information retrieval applications and get inspired for your own use cases. Everybody can become a sensor expert!