Source Code and Sample Data

Source Code

Find source code for implementation of the described motion sensor computing on Github published under GNU general public license Version 3, 29 June 2007.

The available code focuses on the demonstration of the discussed sensor data utilization (feature transformation, data mining, information retrieval). Source code for implementation of any of the orientation estimation filters can be found with the authors of the related original research publication.

Ski Jump Data

Inertial measurement data of ski jumps are very rare since they have not been acquired frequently so far. Since I chose ski jumping as sample application sport for large parts of my PhD’s system development and design, I performed multiple experiments to capture a large number of ski jumps. Pre-experiments during both summer and winter season of the years 2013 to 2015 contributed to the optimization of capture processes and ensured a high data quality of the final experiment’s data collection. For the main experimental data I then measured approximately 200 ski jumps with 9 inertial sensors from Logical Product. This data collection might be the most extensive data base of inertial ski jump data that is existing so far.

inertial ski jump data

The sensor measurements were sufficient to display all relevant parameters of the ski jump with the presented and developed processing methods. To simulate all the computations presented on this homepage, you can download data from one capture and all necessary calibration files as well as instructions on the sensor placement and sensor noise here.

If you publish results obtained using this data, please add this text to your acknowledgments section: The data used in this project was obtained from I would also appreciate it if you would send the citation to your published paper to contact (at)

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